Polishing Compound

Surface finishing industries Each bar of the 'SHINIPRO Polishing Compound line' is wrapped individually and can be stored for months without visible signs of deterioration.
The practical "remove & use" system keeps the bar always clean and reduces contaminations during the work. Bar weights vary following the formulation used, but they are bars usually between 180 gr and 240 gr, making SHINIPRO Buffing Compounds’ high value’ in comparison with other brands.

Gold & Silver. Coloring, super fine buffing. A quick polishing compound for hard metals such as stainless steel, chrome or platinum.

Platinum, Stainless Steel, Silver, White metals. For medium to soft polishing and buffing. Gold & Silver. Removal scratches, glossy, coloring

All metals. For light cutting and coarse buffing. For hard metals such as platinum, chrome and stainless steel. Leaves little residue on work.

Best Seller

A fine cutting abrasive for use on all metals such as gold silver, chrome, stainless steel or platinum. Leaves metals scratch-free, but dull in appearance.


Stainless Steel & Platinum. Removal of marks and fine finishing. Imparts a hingh luster on hard metals such as chrome, stainless steel or platinum.

Best Seller

Gold & Silver. For producing the final high color and luster on gold, silver and other soft metals Cleaning and a high mirror finish.

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